[photagon=photo-agon from the Greek word “φωτογραφία” = photography and the Greek word “αγώνας” = contest]


It’s now time to introduce ourselves!

We are the standard social media users with the charming obsession of photo sharing. So basically, we are part of the majority! It was the right time to customise, so we combined the two most common everyday passions, photography and social sharing, with the main everyday goal, to earn money. And photagon was born.

Photagon is The Social Photo Contest where every like means profit. Users upload photos, like their favourites, get liked and collect their earnings.

Unlike the standard contests there is no judging committee with one and only winner. In photagon every like counts, every like means profit and the more you get the more your win.

We are launching our trial beta version soon and we are looking for the participants, the first users who will join, test, enjoy the process and give us their valuable feedback. Those same users will have the opportunity to continue their experience after the official launch as moderators and they will be rewarded with PCoins, the photagon credit system, in the real live version of the platform.

Photagon has a lot more to offer, which you will experience after signing in.

Will you be part of the innovative photography world of photagon?

Write us and we will get in touch with you